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With temperatures staying under 40 F, we have decided to close for the year.  Thank you everyone for another great year! Enjoy the holidays and we will see you in April 2018!
Birthday? Bachelor/Bachelorette? Church Group? Business?   Set up a party today and get your game on!
Fall is the best time to play before the (ugh) snow flies!

Want to set a party up quickly? Check the calendar for availability, fill out the simple "Reservation Form," Then "Deposit." Deposit is returned to you (50.00) when you come to play. Check on calendar and your party will be added usually within 48 hours, or we will get a hold of you.


Note: WE ARE ONLY OPEN ON SUNDAYS from 9-5 for people that just want to drop in and play.

 We can do parties most any time if you fill out the "Reservation Form" and put down your deposit. 

17722 US Hwy 218 South 
An Established Paintball Field Since 2002

Families and small groups always welcome!  Splat! is a great place for new players and experienced players alike!
 we are with you every step of the way!

Private parties cost:
basic info
regular rental 26.00 plus tax
silver rental 40.00 plus tax
extra paintballs 16.00 per 500 rounds
3 to 4 hours 
New pricing for open field Sundays not good with scheduled party.  If you have your own gear and your own paintballs, it will be only 15.00!  10.00 field fee and 5.00 paint charge.  (paint charge has been reduced from 16.00 to 5.00)  CO2 available at .40 an ounce, paintballs available at 16.00 a bag of 500 check out the tower on the field new this year!
            Paintball Games  Recreational Games 
      Tippmann Gear  Rental Packages
Open Sundays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Just drop in and play, or schedule a private party almost any time! Open to all ages! Bring the family, bring your friends and play some interesting scenarios! Defend the slaughter house, king of the hill, medic,  jail house rock, criss-cross,  search and destroy, elimination, seize the flag, president and many more!                      

 "It's the best 3D video game you'll

ever play!"        Paintballdaddy


 Even the Army of Two play at Splat!

Splat! Paintball Field, LLC, is the perfect place to have a wonderful time with your friends and family. The woodsball paintball field is similar to playing army in the woods. Experience our many different scenarios and find out what the fun is all about! Our field is open to up to 50 people per group. Visit our Austin Minnesota paintball field for recreational paintball games and Tippmann products that provide hours of fun. We're located at 17722 US Highway 218 South just a quarter mile from County Road 4. Find out answers to many frequently asked questions or contact us with questions.


 A Paintball Field on Prime Land

Our paintball field has four forts, two buildings, a maze, the tower and a creek with four bridges. You find trees throughout with many sandbag and wood barriers for cover. We specialize in scenarios and new players. Open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays (Open Field Day) Drop in and play, or you can call to schedule a private party. 



 About Us

Owner Terry Culton has 20+ years of experience as a player and coordinating scenarios. He started playing personally on this field with friends and opened it to the public in 2002. Now, we are known for our bachelor, birthday, church groups, business parties. Low pricing and the fact that we don't cut corners when it comes to safety. 

Bachelor party, Bachelorette Party, Divorce Party, Birthday Party,
Business Party, Church Group, School Groups!
We can set up a time and date with you to suit your needs!!!
Call our paintball field to reserve a private party today or book a party online it's easy!




                                Need CO2???                           

Call ahead and we can fill your bottles most any evening!

With the nitro-duck system we are able to only fill what you

need and fill it completely full!!  Only $0.40 an ounce!!

Proudly Serving:
Austin  Blooming Prairie  Albert Lea  Rochester  Owatonna 

Faribault Rose Creek  Lyle Northern Iowa  and surrounding areas

Hours of Operation:
 Sunday (Open Field), 9:00 a.m.?5:00 p.m.

Call anytime for private parties or inquires.


Reservations for private parties can be most any day.




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