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Posted on April 3, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Seems every year I get more calls about airsoft.  I also see Tippmann is now offering a new airsoft gun as well. So I am starting this blog so airsoft players can communicate with each other.  I would be willing to schedule an airsoft party but I need at least 10 players with your own gear. I would charge 10.00 per person for field use. So reply to this blog and see if we can get something together. Thanks!

3 months left and the new FT-12

Posted on September 1, 2012 at 9:55 AM

Hard to believe it is Sept 1 today, with only 3 months left of the paintball season.  We had a great start to the year with the addition of 2 new bunkers and a tower.  It has made for even more possibilities on the field.  I find it interesting that Tippmann never fails to deliver an amazing new product and this year has been quite the surprise.  They first came out with the "crossover" which is an electronic marker that was developed out of aquiring the Gryphon line of products. Then came a new rental marker the "flip top."  I did not purchase any of the flip tops and was waiting to see the reviews.  Now they have released the new FT-12, which is the flip top for the player.  I have purchased these markers and have a few for sale at this time.  I am totally amazed at this marker.  I have never seen a marker so easy to take apart without any tools.  A large nut around the barrel is turned and the whole top of the marker comes off, spilling all of the parts out for easy cleaning, inspecting and maintanence.  I have tested this marker and the field with several players at different levels of experience and the personal testimonies are impressive.  With out a lot of grooves and slots and holes in it this marker wipes down clean on the exterior with ease.  Even the internal cover plate where you cock the marker and the little slot for the strap of the barrel cover were nice touches and well thought out additions.  The only draw back I can see is you cannot equip this marker with electronics or responce, but many players will enjoy the new trigger which right out of the box you can shoot pretty respectfully fast. The front grip is super solid and once the large nut is off you can easily slid it out to reveal the detent or ball latch.  Night in day in tearing down and replacing things compaired to the classic 98 split case.  On the 98 the front latch and spring is a pain in the ass, with the ball latch as well possiblly slipping out of place in the last second when closing the two halves together, not so with the flip top that is all gone. In fact for a new marker I have never taken a brand new marker apart so many times just to show people how easy it really is. The FT-12 sells for 136.00 new but right now is a little hard to find but we have them. Anyone interested in one can always give me a call and I will show you how it works.

Please spread the word to Churches and private parties to schedule time at Splat! we would like to see more bookings for this fall.  Big thanks to everyone that has come and had fun here at Splat! We do our best to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.  Nothing like paintball it is truely a unique experience!


New Videos

Posted on February 21, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Well many new videos have been added recently to cover different topics and the safety video we made here at Splat! has also been added so now players can view this anywhere!  Some of my favorite videos are now up as I like it when I see paintball in tv series such as simpsons and King of the hill.  Three I would like to put up but cannot yet find are the episodes of "according to jim" "hell's kitchen" and "my big fat obnoxious boss" where they each had paintball on those shows.  I put up a couple of big games videos as well and would like to expand on those.  Also some that discuss tactical manuveurs. I hope you enjoy these videos as part of the ever expanding website!!  Paintball is just around the corner so start looking for your gear and oil up your marker!!!!

Changes for new season

Posted on February 21, 2011 at 12:39 AM

Wow here it is Feb 20th 2011 and that is exactly a year since my last post on here!!! Ok the good news is not planning any price changes this year!!! Also the arm bands and neck guards are combined this year with a new reversible neck guards that I have spent the winter sewing up.  I also have new neck guards for sale as well they are really nice with flash on one side (like skulls or flames) and camo on the other side, check them out when you are here to play!  It has been a long winter and I am really looking forward to the new season. It is always a blast!!!  So spread the word to get ready!!! If anyone wants to connect as a friend I can be found at face book under Terry Culton.  Cyas laters!

Changes at Splat!

Posted on February 20, 2010 at 10:25 AM

Well here it is Feb 20, 2010 and what am I doing?? Thinking paintball of course!  Just wanted to write about some changes coming up for the new season.  There will be a few minor increase in cost.  I know I hate doing that but everything has gone up so it is a must but I can say I have kept the pricing down for 7 years! Bag of paint is now 16.00 per 500 rounds, rentals 26.00.  Pop/water 1.00.  A new service we are putting together is a dvd.  For 50.00 we will film and put together a production of an event.  Very cool way to remember the day for years to come. We are adding a second line of rental packages as well called the silver package.  This comes with everything the rental package has plus a faster marker and 500 rounds for 40.00.  Well I think these are all good improvements for the field.  We are also installing new paintball netting this year as well and looking at adding 10 carver makers to the rentals.  Carver is in the army series of the Tippmann line of markers and is new. A smaller 98 type marker.  Well that is all for now.......... till next time.......................

Phenom part 2

Posted on January 16, 2010 at 6:33 AM

This was interesting. I got my new phenom in cold weather and when firing it I experienced problems, it froze up quickly.  Tippmann did know this is a problem with cold weather and co2 but not on compressed air. I pulled the power tube out and complete took everything apart.  I changed out the rings in which I thought were on the soft side and put in new rings that were black and more firm. It worked!! The gun fired very fast and smooth.  Don't ever give up when you have a problem on a gun, I know sometimes it can be frustrating but from experience there is always a solution to a problem you just have to find it.  I love the new phenom, it is like nothing I have ever seen in a marker. I cannot wait to get out again this year and open fire!


Posted on December 25, 2009 at 8:15 AM

Just when you think they have engineered paintball markers as far as they can something new comes to light.  The New Phenom marker from Tippmann is just that.  No sear, no hammer, no long spring in the back, how does it work? Perhaps something that was found in the Roswell crash hidden for 62 years? Not at all. but it is so different than all other markers that taking it apart seems as foreign.  This marker is of things to come, extremely more efficient and the cyclone feeder has been updated to handle 20 balls a second.  If you are on the field in the heat of battle and your battery goes dead just flip the safety switch and you are back to shooting one ball per pull. Lighter than its cousin the X7 yet out shoots it, this marker is light years ahead of other markers.  One problem I experienced was with cold weather, running c02 it began malfunctioning.  After much study I replaced about 7 of the rings in the tube with a tighter black ring and it worked.  I believe the stock rings are just a bit too soft and loose and drag on the inside when cold causing the return to drag.  Now it rips shoots off smoothly.  Over all I am very impressed with this new marker. It is much more quiet as well.  I am looking forward to next year when I can take this out on the field and play.

TPX pistol

Posted on August 25, 2009 at 6:33 PM

Well we are seeing more TPX's out at the field now and what a great pistol it is.  There is a new kit out for the TPX which has an ajustment for using different co2  "little bottles."  Tony 'the Ghost" and Jeff "Chief" both have one and would be more then happy to show anyone what they are like.  They are a hearty marker being a Tippmann product as expected.  There is a kit out now as well that will allow for a remote line to be put on which is very cool.  I have a TPX on back order now that will be for sale at the field pretty soon (unless I grab it first lol)  Talking to Tippmann I found out the holsters are on back order for the TPX until sometime in October.  

Well other than that I must say the field is prime right now with everything green and lush a snipers' paradise!

Till next time, remember it's the best 3d video game you'll ever play!

Conditional Use Permit

Posted on August 8, 2009 at 6:17 PM

Well as everyone knows we filed for a and was granted a conditional use permit recently. We feel the conditions and restrictions placed on us are going to allow us to operate close to as we have in the past.  One change is we will be closed on Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving.  Another is we have to close 1/2 hour before sunset.  We plan on keeping Open Field Sundays the same from 9 to 5 but no playing after 5:00 pm sharp.  We have basically 3 tokens a week one is used for Sundays and the other two are for the private party schedule.  During the days Monday thru Saturday we can open from 9:00 am to 1/2 before Sunset for private parties.  

Another change coming is building a privacy fence on the South side of the property.  We ask that anyone that is handy call us if you would like to volunteer time to help us build this fence and also to spread the word that we need perhaps church groups to come play so we can raise the money to help pay for it.

The total cost of the permit was 546.00, the fence is between 3,000.00 and 4,000.00.

The good news is we have everything up to date and now this field has come in compliance with the zoning laws in Mower County.  We are registered with the state as an LLC, sole proprietor, all taxes have been payed and reported for the last seven years, there is no state licence requirement for paintball fields in the state of Minnesota and now the permit has been granted, and as always we are insured.

We thank everyone for their support and its game on for paintball in Mower County!

Field Update

Posted on June 8, 2009 at 11:34 AM

Well the rain and sunshine have really made for great growing weather.  I have never seen the field so lush.  Some of the grass is 4 feet plus and the rag weed is close behind so it is becoming a sniper's paradise.  Sundays are a great day to come out if you are alone or with a few friends and the more the better.  The land mines on the field add for some more fun (unless you are the one that trips it lol) because you have to watch for booby traps a bit now as well as the action on the field.  The new game hold the slaughter house is being played more often and seems to be growing in popularity.  For large Groups the new game "the stash" is popular and gives back to the team that can win this game.  Over all I am very happy I started this paintball field and it is becoming what I invisioned it would be.  A safe place to play, good for new people to quickly learn the game and a hell of a lot of fun.  I have met so many new people and really enjoy that part of the business.  Keep in mind also that I can order tippmann products right down to a particular part and it only takes about 3 days to get here.  I saw the new "project Salva" gun the other day and it is a very nice upgrade to the alpha series, will also take a response trigger now along with more upgradable parts.  Well I have to sign off for now ............. cheers!