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3 months left and the new FT-12

Posted on September 1, 2012 at 9:55 AM

Hard to believe it is Sept 1 today, with only 3 months left of the paintball season.  We had a great start to the year with the addition of 2 new bunkers and a tower.  It has made for even more possibilities on the field.  I find it interesting that Tippmann never fails to deliver an amazing new product and this year has been quite the surprise.  They first came out with the "crossover" which is an electronic marker that was developed out of aquiring the Gryphon line of products. Then came a new rental marker the "flip top."  I did not purchase any of the flip tops and was waiting to see the reviews.  Now they have released the new FT-12, which is the flip top for the player.  I have purchased these markers and have a few for sale at this time.  I am totally amazed at this marker.  I have never seen a marker so easy to take apart without any tools.  A large nut around the barrel is turned and the whole top of the marker comes off, spilling all of the parts out for easy cleaning, inspecting and maintanence.  I have tested this marker and the field with several players at different levels of experience and the personal testimonies are impressive.  With out a lot of grooves and slots and holes in it this marker wipes down clean on the exterior with ease.  Even the internal cover plate where you cock the marker and the little slot for the strap of the barrel cover were nice touches and well thought out additions.  The only draw back I can see is you cannot equip this marker with electronics or responce, but many players will enjoy the new trigger which right out of the box you can shoot pretty respectfully fast. The front grip is super solid and once the large nut is off you can easily slid it out to reveal the detent or ball latch.  Night in day in tearing down and replacing things compaired to the classic 98 split case.  On the 98 the front latch and spring is a pain in the ass, with the ball latch as well possiblly slipping out of place in the last second when closing the two halves together, not so with the flip top that is all gone. In fact for a new marker I have never taken a brand new marker apart so many times just to show people how easy it really is. The FT-12 sells for 136.00 new but right now is a little hard to find but we have them. Anyone interested in one can always give me a call and I will show you how it works.

Please spread the word to Churches and private parties to schedule time at Splat! we would like to see more bookings for this fall.  Big thanks to everyone that has come and had fun here at Splat! We do our best to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.  Nothing like paintball it is truely a unique experience!


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