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New Videos

Posted on February 21, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Well many new videos have been added recently to cover different topics and the safety video we made here at Splat! has also been added so now players can view this anywhere!  Some of my favorite videos are now up as I like it when I see paintball in tv series such as simpsons and King of the hill.  Three I would like to put up but cannot yet find are the episodes of "according to jim" "hell's kitchen" and "my big fat obnoxious boss" where they each had paintball on those shows.  I put up a couple of big games videos as well and would like to expand on those.  Also some that discuss tactical manuveurs. I hope you enjoy these videos as part of the ever expanding website!!  Paintball is just around the corner so start looking for your gear and oil up your marker!!!!

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