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Changes at Splat!

Posted on February 20, 2010 at 10:25 AM

Well here it is Feb 20, 2010 and what am I doing?? Thinking paintball of course!  Just wanted to write about some changes coming up for the new season.  There will be a few minor increase in cost.  I know I hate doing that but everything has gone up so it is a must but I can say I have kept the pricing down for 7 years! Bag of paint is now 16.00 per 500 rounds, rentals 26.00.  Pop/water 1.00.  A new service we are putting together is a dvd.  For 50.00 we will film and put together a production of an event.  Very cool way to remember the day for years to come. We are adding a second line of rental packages as well called the silver package.  This comes with everything the rental package has plus a faster marker and 500 rounds for 40.00.  Well I think these are all good improvements for the field.  We are also installing new paintball netting this year as well and looking at adding 10 carver makers to the rentals.  Carver is in the army series of the Tippmann line of markers and is new. A smaller 98 type marker.  Well that is all for now.......... till next time.......................

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