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New Player

  1. I have never played paintball before, does it hurt when you get hit?

    It can. If you get hit in an unprotected area you can feel a sting that goes away in a few minutes, welts or bruises can last upto a few days, HOWEVER most the time you get hit in the head gear, chest guard, or armored gloves where you feel very little or nothing. That is why here at Splat! Paintball Field we provide the best safety gear available!

  2. What do I wear to play paintball?

    The best thing to wear is camo. Long sleeved shirt and long pants. Thick material if you fear being hit, thin if you don't. Athletic cup is strongly advised.

  3. Is paintball a safe sport?

    Statistically, paintball is at the bottom of most all sports for reported injuries per 1000. Believe it or not Paintball is safer than football, volleyball, baseball, soccer and bowling. Fishing ranks up towards the top of the list As long as you follow safety procedures and keep your mask down at all times on the field, your chances of an injury from paintball is very small not counting a bruise or welt of course.

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At This field

  1. What does 'open field' mean?

    Open field Sundays is where anyone can drop in with however many people, everyone that shows up can mix and match into teams and play fun scenarios. Great way to meet other paintballers and have a blast!

  2. I have my own gear, what does it cost to play on open field Sundays?

    If you have your own gear it is a $10.00 field fee. If you bring your own paintballs there will be a $5.00 paint charge per person. No sharing of balls from a walk on with own gear. If you buy the field's paintballs it is $16.00 per 500 rounds (bag of paint). Personal gear is not allowed with a scheduled private party.

  3. Do you charge by the hour to play?

    No. If you purchase a full rental the field fee is included. You can come at 9:00 am on Sunday and leave at 5:00 pm. Walk-ins with own gear pay a $10.00 field fee and can do the same. The duration of time play in private parties is based on paintballs. For private parties if you want to buy paintballs and keep playing that is fine until 1/2 hour before dark

  4. Do you offer air, nitrogen, propane etc.?

    No, sorry at the present time we only offer CO2 refill service

  5. How do I set up a private party? How many people do I have to bring?

    Very easy to set up a private party.  Online go to "reserve a date" fill out form and pay the deposit at the "Web store" link or call 507-279-1096 to set up the date and time. You will be required to put down a $50.00 deposit to hold your time slot. This deposit will either be refunded to you when you show or applied to your rentals. Your deposit is lost if you do not show up to play as scheduled. Refund or rescheduled if the weather is very bad. We will take groups as small as 5 or 6 and as large as 50. We will try set up private parties as quick as the same day which changes the deposit rules call for more information if you are looking for a quick party.

  6. Do you do gun repair?

    Yes. We can 'tune up' tippmann and spyder/clones.. This includes a full inspection of internal parts, cleaning, new rings, oiled and tested. Repairs are 24.95/hr labor plus parts. We can upgrade or repair any Tippmann.

  7. Can I bring my own paintballs to use with rental equipment?

    No. Rentals have to use field paint only. The problem is that paintballs that are brought in can be old and jam the markers or even break the power tube causing leaks, also paintballs with certain fills like tournament grade and white paint can stain the rental gear and field and are harder to keep clean. Also leads to a loss of revenue to the field as rentals include free co2 refills. Support the field by buying field paint after all Splat! Paintball Field works hard to keep the prices down for everyone! In a private party all players are required to use rentals and purchase field paintballs.

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