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 Note: rental gears cannot bring in own paint. You can split field paint with other rental gears. (example: two rental gears go in together to buy a bag of paint and split it.)


Regular Rental: (26.00 plus tax)

Mask (Tippmann full head or half mask on availablity)

Tippmann Semi-auto (one shot per pull) with 200 round hopper and co2 covered for day)

Armor gloves (full or half)

200 paintballs

Chest Guard (front and back camo)

Neck Guard (2n1 reversible team color)


Silver Package: (40.00 plus tax)

same as regular only these updates:

Tippmann response trigger marker (machine gun full auto)

Speed loaders (carry extra rounds on field)

500 paintballs


 Rentals use field paint only (cost is 16.00 per 500 rounds which is  2 1/2 hoppers full)

 Note: If you are caught using paint from a party that brought in there own paint and paid a paint charge you can be asked to turn your gear in on the spot.  

note: when you run out of paintballs you can quit or

buy more field paint and keep playing it's up to you. 


                                Bring your own gear and paint                     

You may bring your own gear only on open field Sundays

•  $10.00 Field Fee

•  $5.00 paint charge NEW PRICE LOWERED FROM 16.00  

       (per person if you bring your own, cannot share balls with others.)

If you buy field paint the cost is $16.00 per 500 rounds note: buying a bag of field paint is not a paint charge. If you are using field paint do not bring in your own balls. So in other words do one or the other but not both.

(if you buy field paint then there is no paint charge)

Co2 is .40 cents an ounce

Note: You cannot share your walk in paintballs with people that have rental gear.  If you are caught doing this you are done for the day. 


                                General Rates for Private Parties: 

 Bachelor, Bachelorette, Divorce, Church groups, School groups, Birthday, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.

                                            Private Party Rates.                                              

Private party rates are $26.00 plus tax per person or silver package 40.00 plus tax per person (Rental Package cost)  and no personal equipment is allowed.  This is because of confusion about personal rates, private markers (guns) that malfunction, and walk on paintball problems.  It simply is much easier to have all players in a private party purchase Rental Packages. 

How long do private parties get to play?

The duration of play is up to you (most groups schedule a 3 to 4 hour block.) The regular package comes with 200 paintballs.  When you run out you can quit or you can buy field paint and keep playing (cost is 16.00 per 500 which is 2 1/2 hoppers full.)  *subject to permit rule ie: close 1/2 hour before sunset. Also if it is on a sunday (open field) done at 5:00 pm.


How long does 200 paintballs last?

Depends on how often you pull the trigger.  An average scenario lasts about a half hour.  A conservative player can play three or four games on 200 rounds.






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