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Field Update

Posted on June 8, 2009 at 11:34 AM

Well the rain and sunshine have really made for great growing weather.  I have never seen the field so lush.  Some of the grass is 4 feet plus and the rag weed is close behind so it is becoming a sniper's paradise.  Sundays are a great day to come out if you are alone or with a few friends and the more the better.  The land mines on the field add for some more fun (unless you are the one that trips it lol) because you have to watch for booby traps a bit now as well as the action on the field.  The new game hold the slaughter house is being played more often and seems to be growing in popularity.  For large Groups the new game "the stash" is popular and gives back to the team that can win this game.  Over all I am very happy I started this paintball field and it is becoming what I invisioned it would be.  A safe place to play, good for new people to quickly learn the game and a hell of a lot of fun.  I have met so many new people and really enjoy that part of the business.  Keep in mind also that I can order tippmann products right down to a particular part and it only takes about 3 days to get here.  I saw the new "project Salva" gun the other day and it is a very nice upgrade to the alpha series, will also take a response trigger now along with more upgradable parts.  Well I have to sign off for now ............. cheers!

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