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TPX pistol

Posted on August 25, 2009 at 6:33 PM

Well we are seeing more TPX's out at the field now and what a great pistol it is.  There is a new kit out for the TPX which has an ajustment for using different co2  "little bottles."  Tony 'the Ghost" and Jeff "Chief" both have one and would be more then happy to show anyone what they are like.  They are a hearty marker being a Tippmann product as expected.  There is a kit out now as well that will allow for a remote line to be put on which is very cool.  I have a TPX on back order now that will be for sale at the field pretty soon (unless I grab it first lol)  Talking to Tippmann I found out the holsters are on back order for the TPX until sometime in October.  

Well other than that I must say the field is prime right now with everything green and lush a snipers' paradise!

Till next time, remember it's the best 3d video game you'll ever play!

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