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jan 8 2009

Posted on January 8, 2009 at 7:49 AM

Found a cool site this morning splatmagazine.com which has great articles also features paintball babes!  Another I found was tsquarepaintball.blogspot.com found this thru my twitter (paintballdaddy)  when a guy named tsp8ntball started following me, my first follower!  What is twitter? Check it out at twitter.com and look for paintballdaddy. I write short little dittys about what I am doing at the time and you can follow, or search for things like paintball and find others with the same interests that you have.  squidoo.com is another for great little blogs.  A special note I looked into the sky this morning and saw what I thought was a satellite flying over the paintball field, shooting in an arc in a straight line and very fast.  The strange thing was that as I watched it on this clear dark morning sky after a ways it disappeared?  That would mean it flew out of our orbit zone ruling out a satellite...... never know whats going on in the skies I guess.  Got a blackberry phone the other day with full internet access, very cool.  I will be able to keep up with the website here and will help on booking parties online with this coming season.  I get all my email from here to the phone too so can respond much quicker.  Well got to go to work, which I refer to as frozen hell..... lol

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