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How to reserve a private party

Posted on April 26, 2009 at 8:49 AM

Today I thought I would write about how to reserve a private party.  First of all, maybe you don't have an exact date or amount of people but just a general idea of what you are looking at.  You click on the "Request date for party" link above and fill out a short form.  This form is sent directly to me on my phone.  Don't forget to include your phone number.  I will give you a call and we can discuss a time and date and the details.  Once we agree on a time and date you click on "Web Store" above.  Here you can pay your deposit online with either paypal or a credit card.  This amount is refunded to you directly when you come to play.  After the deposit is received you can check the "Calendar" link above to make sure your time and date is reserved.  That's all there is to it.  I tried to set up this easier way online to speed up the process and give more information so you know everything is set.  Another helpful thing is to get the wavier frome the "Wairver" link and print them up at home and have them filled out and signed by player and adult, this will speed up check in time so we can get down to the business of having fun!!

I get asked often about how many players do you have to have to reserve a private party.  I would say at least four.  Also asked is what is the difference between private parties and open field sundays and costs.  Open field sundays are just that, open. Open to everyone the drops in, we combine all players on teams and pick out scenarios to play.  Private parties are reserving the field for just you.  There is no additional cost to getting the field to yourself, it is all charged out the same per rental 25.00 plus tax.  There are a few rare exceptions: reservations on a Sunday.  This has happened in the past and at certain times of the year I know sundays are slow, so sometimes I allow a reserve on a sunday, however if other players show up for open field I expect they will be able to join the party unless there are too many .  Too many would be a total over 30 people in that case I would ask the players that came for open field to come back next week. However I don't recall ever asking anyone to come back next week from open field Sunday,  so basically I just wing it, lol I find that it always works out in the end because once we hit the field it is just plain fun pelting people if you know them or not. 

Well I hope this is helpful to someone and remember, "paintball is the best 3-D video game you'll ever play!" a quote by yours truly ~~~Paintballdaddy

bye for now!

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