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Safety Speech

The following is read to each player before being able to play paintball.

 Welcome to Splat! Paintball Field, LLC

You are required to have a signed waiver  to play. 

Always keep your face mask down at all times on the field, Manditory!

Do not lift for any reason what so ever, not fog or painted or any reason.


1) Warning

2) Discharged from the game

3) Done for the day.

If you are unsafe in any way, rude to others, over-shooting or SWEARING you WILL be ejected.

Make sure your masks fit tight, snug.  Ask staff for help if you need it.

Before we go out, we will pick teams, type of scenario and bunkers.

You will get into a pattern, Mask ON, enter field, put barrel plug or sleeve on the table. Set the trigger off safety.

When hit (the size of a quarter on your body somewhere, not on the marker or hopper,) raise your hand and leave the field. Do not shoot anyone with hand up, allow them to exit the field safely.  Not sure if you are hit ask for paint check from a ref.   When you leave the field, put barrel plug in, safety switch on, keep finger off trigger. When in staging area remove facemask.


When out in staging area stay neutral (no yelling onto field)

Stay 5 feet off netting 

Do not shoot within 20 feet of a player, offer surrender in close situation.

When ref blows whistle (short toot) hold position and do not fire.

Start in bunkers at beggining of game (no leading off)

Long whistle blow start or end of game

Do not shoot a ref.  Ref paintball checks are final.

use bridges stay out of the creek

Keep your feet on the ground, no climbing.

no close quarter contact, no hand to hand combat

no jumping over bunkers

no shooting sandbags at close range

no shooting over netting especially to the SW and West

no moving objects on the field

rental guns use field paint only

paintballs on ground are not to be picked up in put in hoppers, it can ruin a marker

We are not responsible if YOU drop your balls on the ground


Marker Operation:

Shake the marker if not shooting balls (drops ball down the elbow)

make sure the hammer is cocked back

 check the safety switch

any other problem ask a ref


use the towels for cleaning mask and gun, keep rental gear free of paint

use garbage cans

fire extingisher and safety kit over there

bathroom over there.

we sell pop candy water over there 


Keep a good attitude, respect our place, people and rules and we will do our best to make sure

your group has a great time.

Any Questions?



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