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Two packages:

Regular Rental: 29.00 plus tax per person
Tippmann semi-auto (one shot per pull) with 200 round hopper and 20 oz CO2. (C02 covered for the day)
Mask (full depending on availability)
Armor gloves
200 paintballs
Chest guard (covers front and back)
Neck guard (also marks team color)

Silver Rental:  43.00 plus tax per person
Tippmann response trigger marker with 20 oz CO2 (CO2 covered for the day)
Armor gloves
500 paintballs
Speed Loaders
Chest guard
Neck guard

Rentals use additional field purchased paint only
Cost of paint is 18.00 plus tax for 500 rounds
You can split field paint with other rental players. (example: two rental gear players go in on a bag of paint and split it.)

We don't charge by the hour.  Private parties set up a time slot between 3 and 4 hours long.  Regular rental comes with 200 paintballs.  If you are conservative in your shots, move up on your target and only engage when you think you can successfully elimate the other player you can play up to 4 scenarios at about a half hour game each.  Some players are conservative, some like to shoot a lot.  We cater to both types of players.

We have a requirement of 6 people minimum.


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