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Scenarios played here at Splat!


  • Jail House Rock:  Two teams play, and when you're hit, you go to jail. Anyone can take a prisoner back to their fort to join the other team. One team gets bigger and the other team gets smaller.
  • Terrorists:  This half hour game involves using a bomb prop with a timer. The bomb squad has to kill the terrorists and find the bomb before it goes off.
  • Skull:  A game where a skull is placed in the middle of the field, and each team has to take the skull back to their bunker.
  • Criss Cross:  This is essentially two games going on at once. If you shoot a player from a team you're not fighting, you're eliminated.
  • Shoot the Captain:  Eliminate the captain of a team in order to win. The captain is armed on the field and is protected by the team.
  • Bachelor Run:  Groom and best man are on a 10-foot chain and sent out as escaped convicts.


Objective:  To get from the Upper Fort to the lower fort (Church ) without getting "bit" by a vampire.

Scenario: Two uneven teams.  The smaller teams take up bunkers evenly throughout the field (Vampires)  The Larger team have to make it from the upper fort to a lower fort (Church) to seek safety.


1. Vampires fully armed spread out on the field and can move about freely

2. The people trying to make it to the church only have one gun and have to work                

     together to seek refuge of the Church.

3. A person being "bit" or hit by a vampire become a vampire and can take up                      

     arms.  A vampire being hit (by a wooden bullet of course) is dead and exits the field.  

4. Vampires have to stay about 15 feet away from church and the upper fort. 

5. General rules apply.

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Goals: Teaches cooperation and quick decision making as well as team work and planning.


Objective: Eliminate the opposing team. 

Scenario: A single flag is to be placed in the middle of the course, the same distance from each team's start location


1. General rules apply

2. Assigned roles:  King = Leader of team

                              Jack  = Traitor

                              Face card = player on team

3. King shows his card to his team

4. Nobody knows who the traitor is except for the traitor                          

    himself/herself (although the other players know individually that they are not).

5. The Traitor may change his/her allegiance at any time                        

     during the game but only once. 

6. Once the Traitor changes teams, he/she must be

    eliminated with the rest of his new team in order for the                        

    original team to win. 

 The Traitor does not have to switch sides. 

Time Limit: 30 Minutes

Goals: Teaches trust and observation, strategy and stealth.

Top Gun

Objective:  Be the last surviving player.

Scenario:  Players stand in a large circle.  The Referee will count aloud from 10 to 1 and                    blow the whistle.


1. In the 10 second countdown all players run to a strategic location.

2. When whistle blows eliminate all other players.

Time Limit: Until there is only the TOP GUN left.

Goals: This game explodes into intense fire and will usually be over quickly.  This game teaches players to eliminate "tunnel vision" and to select the most opportune targets first.

The President

Objective:  For the President to make safe passage to all forts without being                                        assassinated.

Scenario:  Group is divided into two unequal teams. The larger team are assassins.  The                   president is escorted by body guards.



1. The President must be eliminated by splatter on head, arms or legs only.

2. The body guards are eliminated by splatter on head, arms or legs only.

     (The president and guards have bullet proof vests)

3. Assassins eliminated by hit anywhere on body, hands, face, etc.

4. The President and Body guards start in the UPPER fort.  The have to tag the 

    graveyard Fort and MIDDLE Fort in that order.

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Goals: This game builds extensive communication skills, along with teamwork for both sides.  This can also give inexperienced players a chance to better their scanning skills, searching for hidden players


Objective:  To find and return to your starting fort with the skull

Scenario:  There is a skull placed in the center of the field, can be somewhat hidden.                         Each team tries to get to the skull and return it to starting point.

Rules:  1. When hit the player is out of the game.

            2. A player that is hit may toss the skull to a team member within 10 feet.

Time Limit: Till the skull is taken to a fort

Goals: This game teaches complete team cooperation and speed.  Encourages fast shoot while on the move

Shoot the Captain

Objective:  Eliminate the opposing team's Captain while defending your own. 

Scenario: Each team appoints a Captain. He or she is to be tethered to an immobile object by a length of rope or other such material.  


Rules:  1. The Captain is not allowed to break his/her tether in any way. 

            2. General rules of flag capture applies

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Goals: Teaches team cooperation and protection of the leadership.  Teaches about defensive stragedy as well as recon missions


Objective:  Basic game of "Capture the flag" with the addition of a shield placed in center                        field.

Scenario:  All rules of "Capture the flag" are in play.  The player getting to the shield may                  

use it as additional protection

Rules:  1. A Player using the shield when hit drops shield where hit allowing others to try                  

                to obtain the shield.

             2. The game of Capture the flag is in play so to win you have to either capture the opponent's                      flag or eliminate all enemies.


Time Limit: 30 minutes


Goals: This game adds the additional excitement of getting the shield while playing capturing the flag.  Makes for an interesting twist on the game and teaches stealth, speed and awareness of overall game play.

Seek and Destroy

Objective:  Eliminate the enemy. 

Scenario: Two uneven teams.  The smaller teams gets 5 minutes to hide out in the paintball field.  The larger team has to seek out the enemy and eliminate them.  


Rules:  1. The Larger team cannot watch the the enemy while hiding.

            2. Enemy can move about on field as needed but generally takes up strategic                                               hidden position to be able to defend against Seeker's attack.

            3. General rules apply.

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Goals: Teaches patience and S.W.A.T. tactics. 


Objective:  To make it to the upper fort to get your marker and fight the 'crazed' postal carriers

Scenario:  each player starts without a weapon, before game starts each player will put their gun in the upper fort. 

Rules:  1. Two UNEVEN teams.  The small team spreads out on the field but must stay in a fixed location                 only to be able to move around one barrier.

            2. The rest have to make it past the postal carriers and get their guns then eliminate all the                         postal carriers.

Time Limit:  none suggested

Goals: This game teaches stealth, trying to evade armed players to get past to obtain a weapon.

Jail House Rock

Objective:  To build your team larger and wipe out the remaining players.

Scenario:  Teams start in Graveyard and North Fort.  

Rules:  1. When hit the player they go to the jail house.

            2. Any 'live' player from either team can take out ONE prisoner out of jail.  The two are NEUTRAL                 back to the 'live' players fort (keep your hands up on the way to fort), once there the prisoner                   is on that team and both are back in the game.

Time Limit:  None, game ends when the larger team wipes out remaining players

Goals: This game teaches to gaurd and control the jail house while also doing battle with opposite team.  Team work.

Criss Cross


Objective:  To eliminate the other team.

Scenario:  All four starting bunkers are used by four teams, the two teams diagonal to each other play against each other.  There is two separate games going on at once.

Rules:  1. When hit the player is out of the game.

            2. Players can only mark the color team they are playing against, if they hit                                                   anyone from the other two teams they are out.  You can mix with and use the                                           other teams forts.

Time Limit:  No time limit, game ends with opponent eliminated

Goals: This game is just an interesting variation of the standard game.



(by Hunter Johnson Age 7)

Objective:  To eliminate the other team.

Scenario:  All players can start ANYWHERE on the field.

Rules:  1. When hit the player is out of the game.

            2. Players will get 1 minute to find a starting spot.  Referee will blow whistle once                                           to start the players spreading out from the SLAUGHTER HOUSE.  Second                                                whistle blow after 1 minute and the game begins.

Time Limit:  No time limit, game ends with opponent eliminated

Goals: This game is just an interesting variation of the standard game.

Bomb Squad


Objective:  To not only eliminate the terrorists but to locate the bomb and deactivate it.

Scenario:  Terrorists get two minutes to hide the bomb, the bomb is set for 30 minutes and must be placed some where partially visible from a trail or opening. 

Rules:  1. When hit a player is out of the game.

            2. When all of the terrorists are eliminated, you have to find the bomb and                                                     deactivate it.  If the bomb is found before the terrorists are eliminated

                 then the game is over and the bomb squad wins

Time Limit:  30 minutes by timer on the bomb.

Goals: This game teaches complete team cooperation and speed.  Encourages searching while playing and coordinating efforts to reach a goal



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